WOD Thursday December 31st

Hey, Holiday hours for this week are: Monday: Normal Tuesday: Normal Wednesday: Normal Thursday: Last class @ 4:30 Friday: Closed Weekend: Normal hours Warm up: 2 Minutes on a thing / empty barbell work 20 Rounds for time: 2 Power cleans @ heavyish 0 Deadlifts @ 500 / 350 lbs 2 Wollymockers 0 Miles ofContinue reading “WOD Thursday December 31st”

WOD Monday February 24th

Warm up: 400 meter run / 12 GHD Raises / 20 sit ups Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes: Odds: Front Squat x 2 Evens: Power snatch x 1 2. For time: 20 Wollymockers 20 Strict presses @ heavy enough to be annoying.

WOD Wednesday October 10th

Warm up: Shuttle, Skip, Back pedal, Karaoke, etc For time: 200 Meter Run 10 Wollymockers 300 Meter Row 10 Burpee box jump overs 400 Meter Run 10 High ass wallballs (try to throw the med ball over the 12′ rig or at least way higher than you usually do) 500 Meter Row 10 Strict pullup +Continue reading “WOD Wednesday October 10th”

WOD Monday June 18th

Warm up: 12 Seated good mornings /12 Bench sit ups x 2 rounds Every 90 seconds for 10 sets: 1 Pause squat + 2 Back squats 2. As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of: 2 Wollymockers 20 Situps Rest 1 minute As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of: 10 Pullups 10Continue reading “WOD Monday June 18th”

WOD Tuesday June 17th

Warm up # 3 1. Strict Press: 3,3,3,3,3 @ 85% 2. As many sets as possible in 8 minutes of: Wollymockers 1 Wollymocker is: 4 Pushups 4 Double leg mountain climbers 4 Air squats In order for a set to count, your knees can not touch the ground at all during the movements or the transitions between them. The only rest positionsContinue reading “WOD Tuesday June 17th”