WOD Tuesday November 21st

Warm up: 500 meter row / Handstand hold x 30 sec / Bar hang x max time in 1 minute

  1. Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes: 2 Strict presses + 3 push presses + 3 jerks

2. Max reps in 1 minute of these movements, rest 1 minute between efforts:

  1. Hang power clean @ 135 / 93

2. Tire flips

3. Parallette pass throughs

4. Russian twists with med ball

5. Front rack lunges @ 135 / 93

6. L sit ( hanging or on parallettes)

7. Rower pikes or ab wheel rollouts

8. Ball slams

WOD Friday October 21st

This Sunday 11:30! Havoc Games Practice! Get a Partner or Get with your Partner and Workout!

The Havoc Games Competition is December 3rd! Get a partner and get signed up! Early registration ends October 31st!


Warm up: 500 Meter Row, Rope Climb Technique

  1. Max Rope Climbs in 5 min

2. Every minute on the minute for 24 minutes:

1st: 30 Sec of Ball Slams

2nd: 4 Lunges (2 per leg, HEAVY!)

3rd: 4-10 Toes to bar (Pick a number and stick to it)

WOD Tuesday October 4th

Tonight at 7 p.m. we will have a Nutrition Meeting to talk about continuing eating healthy and what your options for this are. Click here for more info.

Warm up: 8 High Jumps land in quarter squat, 8 Hang Power Snatch with empty bar, 8 Toes to bar, 8 Hang Power Clean with empty bar

  1. Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes:

2 Hang Power Snatches

Rest two minutes and add weight, Then

Every minute on the minute for 7 minutes:

2 Hang Power Cleans

2. As many Rounds as possible in 12 minutes:

10 Medicine Ball Sit ups

20 Double legged mountain climbers

30 Ball Slams