WOD Tuesday November 3rd

Hey guys,  join us for a free workout at the Reebok Outlet Store in The Ellenton Premium Outlets! It will be an all inclusive workout and will be held at 8am on Saturday December 14th. If you participate you get 40% off the entire store directly following the workout! 1. Deadlift: 3,3,3 2. For 20Continue reading “WOD Tuesday November 3rd”

WOD Monday December 1st

Hey guys new month. Rent is due. Thanks. 1. Front Squat: 5,5,5 – take 85% of your last work set and try and hit 8-10 reps with it (if this is not really hard, then you probably didn’t  go heavy enough on your last triple) 2. For time: Complete 100 hand release clapping pushups Every minuteContinue reading “WOD Monday December 1st”