WOD Tuesday January 21st

Don’t forget! This Saturday we will be having a partner fundraiser workout for “Team Forging the Warrior” who are headed to the Elite division at “Wodapalooza.” Warm up: 2 Rounds of – Hang muscle clean x 6 / Clean pullunder x 6 / Good morning x 6 Every minute on the minute for 16 minutes:Continue reading “WOD Tuesday January 21st”

WOD Friday October 26th

Warm up: Bar hang x 40 seconds / Handstand hold x 40 seconds / jump rope x 1 minute Farmers walk x 3 x 100′ Heavy guys. Heavy. 2. Sled pull x 3 x 100′ Also heavy 3. 10 rounds for time: 5 Glute ham sit ups 5 Burpees

WOD Friday September 11th

Warm up #11 Deadlift: 4, 4, 4, 4 @ 80-85% your max 2.¬†As many rounds as possible in 20:01: 9 Wall Climbs 200 Meter Farmers Walk with 70/ 53lb Kettlebells (if you put the bells down you must do 11 Kettlebell swings) 40 ft Backwards sled pull w/ HEAVY! 200 Meter Rack Walk with 70/Continue reading “WOD Friday September 11th”