WOD Tuesday September 30th

Warm up:  2 rounds of – 10 Skull crushers / 10 Plyo pushups 1. Bench press: 3,3,3,3,3 2. 5 Rounds for time of: 1 Strict press 2 Push press’ 3 Jerks 4 Hang Squat cleans 5 Deadlifts 6 Toes to bar Rest exactly 1 minute between rounds.        

WOD Tuesday July 8th

Hey!!! I know you are probably reading this on Facebook right now since people don’t go to websites anymore, and you probably won’t look at the bottom of this post, or read the whole thing since there are so many meme’s to read, and peoples dinners to look at on Facebook (also known as: theContinue reading “WOD Tuesday July 8th”

WOD Tuesday June 17th

Warm up # 3 1. Strict Press: 3,3,3,3,3 @ 85% 2. As many sets as possible in 8 minutes of: Wollymockers 1 Wollymocker is: 4 Pushups 4 Double leg mountain climbers 4 Air squats In order for a set to count, your knees can not touch the ground at all during the movements or the transitions between them. The only rest positionsContinue reading “WOD Tuesday June 17th”