WOD Monday March 5th

Warm up: Warm up: 2 Rounds of – High skips x 200′ , Banded good mornings x 15 Back squat: 5 x 5 Make 5 -10 lb jumps to get up to a heavy set for the day. If you can make 20 lb or higher jumps, you are not working hard enough on your firstContinue reading “WOD Monday March 5th”

WOD Friday June 30th

Warm up: 2 minutes of jump rope / 2 rounds of: Good morning x 12 / X walk x 15′ in each direction 1. Deadlift 1 rep every 2 minutes x 16 minutes 2. Every minute on the minute for 18 minutes: 1. 100 meter sprint 2. Hang power snatch x 5 3. Muscle upContinue reading “WOD Friday June 30th”

WOD Friday June 23rd

Warm up: 300 meter run  then 2 rounds of: 10 Bench knees to elbows / 10 Banded good morinings Deadlift: 2 reps every 2 min for 16 minutes 2. Every 90 seconds x 6 sets each Interval 1: 25 situps Interval 2: 50′ sprint + Burpee + 50′ back pedal x 3

WOD Tuesday January 31st

Yo, Bro night is this Friday @ 6:00. Invite a friend and we can lift some stuff. Warm up: 200′ side shuffle, 10 hang muscle cleans x 2 rounds Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes: Hang power clean: doubles for the first four cycles, singles for the second four. 2. Every minute on the minuteContinue reading “WOD Tuesday January 31st”

WOD Tuesday April 5th

Gymnastics Club Sign up: Today is the day to sign up for our Monthly Gymnastics Club. Classes will be Tuesday and Thursday @ 6:00 p.m. Cost is $40.00 for current Unlimited Members and $60 for Non-Members/Open Gym Members. Sign up tonight at 6:00! Get Ready for The Havoc Games “Gym Olympics” !!! THIS SATURDAY! April 9th! 12 pm!  WarmContinue reading “WOD Tuesday April 5th”

WOD Friday July 10th

Yo. Remember that we have the partner workout this Saturday at 11 am. You guys better come. Warm up of your choice 1. Power clean: 8 x 2 @ 85% 2. Handstand pushup x max reps x 3 sets Rest 3 minutes between sets 3. As many rounds as possible in 4 minutes of: ShuttleContinue reading “WOD Friday July 10th”