WOD Friday November 21st

Warm up: Get ready to squat The CrossFit Total One rep max of the following movments Back Squat  Strict Press Deadlift *The sum of the highest successful attempt of each lift added together is your CrossFit Total. These were the totals from the top CrossFitters in the world in 2018, see how you stack up.

WOD Tuesday November 19th

Warm up: 2 Rounds of – Band rig rows x 12 / Band press x 8 each side Press: 5 x 2 @ 95% 2. Bench max will be tomorrow ( You can do it today if you need to) 3.¬†For Time: Accumulate all of the below items in the quickest time possible, including anyContinue reading “WOD Tuesday November 19th”

WOD Tuesday October 30th

Warm up: Bear crawl x 200 ft Every 90 seconds for 12 sets: Odds: Strict pullups + kipping pullups +Muscle ups (This is a complex, stay on the bar, choose the right # of each and try to maintain it for all the sets) Evens: Strict press x 3 + Push press x 2 +Continue reading “WOD Tuesday October 30th”

WOD Thursday July 19th

Warm up: 20 sit ups / 20 back extensions / 20 pushups Turkish get up: take 20 minutes to work up to a max for both sides 2. 12,10, 8, 6, 4, 2 reps for time: Strict press @ 135 / 93 Back rack lunge (double count, deal with it ) @ 135 / 93Continue reading “WOD Thursday July 19th”