WOD Wednesday October 14th

Big event coming up in November! Check it out here Warm up: Get ready to Snatch For time: 10 Rounds of: 1 Power snatch 6 Burpees over the bar 10 Rounds of: 1 Muscle up 6 Wallballs 10 Rounds of: 1 Snatch 6 Toes to bar

WOD Wednesday September 30th

Warm up: Get ready to snatch As many rounds as possible in 5 minutes of: 5 Burpee Box jump overs 10 Calorie row or bike Rest 5 minutes, at the 10 minute mark: 10 rounds for time of: 15 / 12 calorie row or bike 1 snatch (choose own weight) ONE attempt at each snatchContinue reading “WOD Wednesday September 30th”

WOD Tuesday September 22nd

Warm up: 3 rounds:  5 Hang power snatch / 5 Hang snatch / 5 Overhead squats Every 90 seconds for 10 sets: Hovocomplex snatch ( Power snatch + Hang snatch + Heaving snatch balance ) 2. For time: 60 Hand planted bench jumps 30′ Handstand walk 15 High ass box jumps 30′ Handstand walk 60Continue reading “WOD Tuesday September 22nd”

WOD Wednesday July 8th

Warm up: 2 minutes on a thing / Empty barbell work Every Minute on the minute for 16 Minutes: Odds: 2 Power snatches Evens: 8 – 12 Wallballs Directly into: Every Minute on the minute for 16 Minutes: Odds: 1 Power snatch + Hang Snatch Evens: 6 – 10 Reverse Burpees

WOD Wednesday June 2nd

Warm up: Empty barbell work Ride a thing for 30 minutes * Every minute hop off and do: First 15 Minutes 1 power snatch Second 15 minutes: 1 snatch *Cruise on the implement but give yourself a goal to reach by the end of the 30 minutes. *Don’t punk out on the weight of theContinue reading “WOD Wednesday June 2nd”

WOD Wednesday May 20th

Warm up: Empty barbell work 6 Minutes to establish a 1 rep max snatch Followed by As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 1000 meter run buy in ( you only do this once ) 12 Box jump overs 12 Burpees 12 Box step ups 12 Reverse burpees Then: 6 Minutes to establishContinue reading “WOD Wednesday May 20th”