WOD Monday March 16th

It’s time to get ready for the Havoc Games! Grab a partner and start training! Warm up: 400 meter run or 2 minutes on a thing / Warm up your front squats and snatche Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes: Odds: Front Squat x 1 Evens: Snatch x 1 2. As many roundsContinue reading “WOD Monday March 16th”

WOD Thursday Novemebr 1st

The Fittest Starts Today!! Warm up: Snatch stuff Sotts Press: 2,2,2,2,2 2. Every 90 seconds for 8 sets: Hang Power snatch + Hang Snatch 3. 4 Rounds not for time: Ring dip x 12 Parallette pass through x 8 Skin the cat x 4  

WOD Thursday November 17th

Warm up: 20 pushups / 200′ shuttle run / 1 minute handstand hold Bench Press: 3,3,3,3 ( heavier than last week) 2. For time: 25 Toes to bar 25 Sit ups 20 Strict pullups 20 sit ups 15 Ring dips 15 Sit ups 10 Knees to elbow 10 sit ups 5 Muscle ups ( ringContinue reading “WOD Thursday November 17th”